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The Minoa Promise

The 820-Gram Super Plush Indulgence: Monte Rosa

Fashioned from resilient and velvety long staple Aegean Cotton, referred to as 'white gold,' a unique non-GMO cotton historically utilized by ancient civilizations in the region for more than 4624 years

Conscious & Premium Weave

Crafted with precision and care

our premium towels and linens blend

elegance with ethical supply chain

Join us on our journey to revolutionize circular luxury

One thread at a time

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Redefining Comfort
Sustainable Luxury

Three Generations of Artisanal Craft

Designed & Woven To Last

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Elis Organic Aegean Cotton Kitchen Towel
Circular Elegance

Comfort with purpose

You buy one towel, We donate one towel.

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Green Home Product

Minoa's DNA

We donate one towel to women’s shelters in the communities where we sell with every sale of our unique pieces. We also support ongoing initiatives within the production communities. This allows us to close the loop in social impact throughout our supply chain.

Join our mission to weave and heal communities with something as simple as a towel.

From the people
From the people
Wow! Minoa's sustainable towels exceeded my expectations. Not only are they plush and absorbent, but knowing they're made with eco-friendly materials makes them even more appealing. It's great to find a brand that combines luxury with sustainability. I'll definitely be purchasing more!
— Kristin
Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Plush Lite Aegean Cotton Bath Towel Pack of Four
From the people
Minoa's Kitchen Towels truly redefine excellence! Their unparalleled absorbency and softness make kitchen chores a breeze. I'm impressed by their durability and eco-friendly design, embodying both luxury and sustainability in one essential household item. Highly recommend for anyone seeking quality and conscience in their kitchen linens!
— Lenka S.
Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Elvin Organic Aegean Cotton Kitchen Towel
Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Elis Organic Aegean Cotton Kitchen Towel
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Premier destination for volume solutions with our specialized curated selection of products, we're dedicated to meeting the unique needs of trade professionals, ensuring their satisfaction as well as the planets.

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Welcome to Minoa's vision showcase. We empower the less fortunate while minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable luxury. Join us in weaving a brighter, compassionate world.