We Believe We Can Impact Together!

We can heal communities and put a smile on Mother Earth with as simple as a towel.

The textile industry has caused significant harm by neglecting the environment and fair labour practices. Companies producing fast fashion led to waste and exploitation. The industry is also responsible for pollution, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions, so we must aim for circularity to reduce landfill impact. Textile workers, mostly women, face social inequalities. Ensuring equal opportunities for women is crucial for a prosperous society.

Human beings generate nearly 100 million tons of textile waste annually, ethical sourcing is key

That equal to the weight of:
... 58,000 Eiffel Towers.
... 16 million elephants.
... 61 million cars.
Minoa disrupts the fine linen industry through ethical sourcing, circular design, and community empowerment. The brand produces high-quality, timeless pieces that champion sustainability and ethical practices. Join our journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future.
Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Real Circularity

Our trusted partner on our journey towards circularity, closing the loop

Minoa is a sustainable brand that empowers women and cares for the planet. We use eco-friendly materials and circular design approaches and support "1% for the Planet". With every D2C sale, Minoa also donates to women's shelters, driving positive change.

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - 1% for the Planet

Proud Member of 1% for the planet

Demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship. Through our partnership, we dedicate a portion of our sales to support environmental nonprofits, contributing to positive change for our planet.

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Green Home Product

Social Impact

At Minoa, we empower communities and promote social impact by donating one towel to women's shelters for every linen sale.

Join our community and help us weave and heal communities. Thank you for supporting this noble cause.

Third Party Certifications for Social Compliance

Be inspired by our responsible practices and reduce your ecological footprint.

Choose Minoa for circular luxury and join the global movement to protect the planet.

Experience gentle products that inspire and benefit the environment.

Minoa - USA Canada - Sustainable Luxury - Environment Friendly

Environmental Impact

Explore our commitment to sustainability through circularity certifications and green facilities.

Impact Through Quality and Durability

This may be the last towel you buy...

Keeping products in use for longer has a significant impact on the environment. Let's use what we have instead of buying new things. It will reduce waste and create a sustainable future.

Explore the impact of quality and durability, highlighting our use of high-quality natural raw materials: hemp, linen, Tencel, organic cotton, and Naia. Learn how our meticulous craftsmanship ensures long-lasting products, reducing the need for frequent replacements and promoting sustainability. Experience the comfort that comes with purpose as you discover the lasting beauty of Minoa towels and linens.