In the picturesque landscapes of Minoa, a profound story unfolds—one of tradition, passion, and a resolute commitment to sustainability. Enter Tunc and Fatih Tandogan, two brothers whose profound affinity for textiles is not merely a profession but a family legacy from their grandmother, a skilled silk artisan along the historic Silk Road.

From Childhood Passions to Global Innovations

Growing up in Switzerland, Tunc and Fatih were immersed in diverse cultures and historical richness. Their journey from these early days to their current operations across Turkey and Canada is a testament to their dedication to eco-friendly practices and ethical manufacturing.

Tunc's Artistic Journey in Textiles

Tunc's academic pursuits in the Department of Textiles at the University of Fine Arts in Istanbul opened his eyes to the intricate world of textiles. His artistic sensibility has driven him to explore sustainable methods of production that do not compromise on quality or aesthetic value.

Fatih's Analytical Approach to Buying Luxury

Fatih, armed with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, has deeply immersed himself in Turkey’s strong textile industry. His analytical skills, honed over the past two decades while working in the environment of buying luxury goods for Canada’s luxury retailer Harry Rosen, ensure that Minoa thrives as a business and sets an example in sustainable practices.

Minoa: A Symphony of Quality and Sustainability

Minoa is not just a brand; it's a philosophy of life. At the heart of its operations is the commitment to pioneering innovative, sustainable techniques to create its products. The brothers utilize top-tier materials such as organic Aegean cotton, hemp, linen and other natural fibres, crafting timeless and durable pieces.

Each creation is a homage to the craftsmanship of generations past, embodying skill, tradition, and the art of textiles. Minoa's approach goes beyond mere production; it's about crafting a legacy of environmental stewardship and exquisite design.

The Pillar of Sustainability

For Tunc and Fatih, sustainability is not a buzzword but a foundational element of their business model, which strives to be a circular one. Minoa is dedicated to producing circular, practical, eco-friendly, and stylish textiles, inviting consumers to contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future—one thread at a time.

The Virtues of Organic Cotton

In our quest for a sustainable lifestyle, organic cotton emerges as a champion in the textile industry. This eco-friendly material is grown without harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, ensuring the safety of the environment and the people involved in its cultivation.

Why Organic Cotton?

  • Environmental Protection: Organic cotton farming eliminates toxic chemicals, reduces pollution, and conserves water and soil health.
  • Supporting Communities: It supports the well-being of farmers, reducing their exposure to harmful substances and fostering healthier living conditions.
  • Climate Change Mitigation: Organic cotton requires less water and energy, and by enhancing soil carbon sequestration, it combats climate change.

By choosing organic cotton, we support sustainable farming practices and contribute to a healthier planet and a fairer society.

Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement

As conscious consumers, every choice can contribute to a sustainable future. By supporting brands like Minoa and choosing organic cotton, we take significant steps towards a greener, more equitable world.

Let's weave a future that respects our planet and its people, one fibre at a time. Join us on this journey and make a difference with every thread.