Plush Lite 500-Gram Aegean Cotton Bath Towel Pack of Four



Introducing our Plush Lite collection, meticulously designed to redefine everyday luxury. At the lower end of the terry towel weight spectrum, Plush Lite is specifically crafted for daily use 365 days a year. Its ideal weight makes it perfect for frequent use, ensuring quick-drying properties without compromising plushness.

Its innovative yarn-spinning technique sets Plush Lite apart and is meticulously engineered to create a sumptuously plush texture that caresses your skin with every touch. Despite its lightweight feel, each towel retains an irresistibly soft and luxurious sensation, making every moment of use a pampering experience.

The Plush Lite collection comes in a range of attractive colors that can enhance any interior. These towels are perfect for drying yourself after a shower or for drying your hands throughout the day. They offer a perfect balance of comfort and convenience.

  • 100% Aegean Cotton Grown & Woven in the Aegean region of Turkey
  • 500 GSM
  • Bath Towel: 70 x 130cm / 28 x 51”
  • Comes in a Pack of Four